Fire Sprinkler Damage

My fire sprinkler won’t turn off, what do I do?

Find the main water supply before fire sprinkler damage becomes permanent. The faster you can turn off the water supply the better off you will be. Our trained technicians arrive on site within 30 minutes of your call to ensure the damage is reversible.

If fire sprinkler damage occurs in your home or business you will need expert water removal services immediately. The more water that accumulates the harder it will be to restore the foundation of your property. We will perform cold water extraction to remove standing water, and dry out the affected areas accordingly.

What about insurance? 
We work directly with insurance providers to negotiate for our customers best interest. A standard water damage vendor works for insurance companies, but we work for you! Get in touch with us and we will file your water damage claim for a hassle free service.

We will focus on your water damage restoration and repair fire sprinkler damage with expert procedures at a lower cost to you! Contact us today! (714)-352-4382